Monday, July 18, 2011

Campers join together for a fun-filled first week!

In the exciting first week at the Al-Bustan Camp, children of all ages came together in a fun-filled educational atmosphere to learn about Arabic culture while making new friends. Myself, being the documenter of the program, found that the only negative side was not being able to be everywhere at once to record the wonderful happenings at this camp. Below are a few vignettes exemplifying some of the high points of the week.

This first clip features some of my favourite subjects; dance, singing, and percussion.

Next is a video I put together showing the very creative arts department, as well as the adventurous science course, where the students get to explore some cool parts of Fairmount Park.

Lastly, is a video featuring the very astoundingly taught courses in Arabic and poetry.

Hoping for this week to be spectacular!
Yours truly,

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